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Published DSES Studies

Many of the key studies using the scale are summarized in Underwood, L. (2011) The Daily Spiritual Experience Scale: Overview and Results, Religions 2:1, 29-50. The book, Spiritual Connection in Daily Life, Chapter 5: Research Results, Underwood, L (2013) includes  some additional studies up to that date. Over 400 published studies have included the DSES as of 2019, and the 2002 paper on the scale has been cited over 1200 times in the peer-reviewed literature.

The preprint draft of a recent paper on the scale UnderwoodVagniniDraft 2021 paper summarizes published studies that show the relationship of the DSES to: resiliency, stress buffering, less substance abuse and addictions, a greater sense of meaning and post-traumatic growth, more positive health behaviors, more prosocial attitudes, and diminished burnout and compassion fatigue. It also summarizes the studies that describe interventions that increase frequency of DSEs and time course in terms of causation, such as the results from longitudinal and smartphone studies. One reason to group all of these studies together is to inform the development of preventative and intervention resources that can be used for many different kinds of people. Although much is already available on scoring, psychometrics, versions and translations in the articles already published by Underwood, this new publication includes updated and more detailed information on usage, scoring, and versions. It is a draft preprint.

Here are a few of the studies using the DSES referred to in the recent 2021 draft publication:

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