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DSES Studies by others

Over 400 published studies have included the DSES , and the 2002 paper on the scale has been cited over 1400 times in the peer-reviewed literature.

Many of the key studies using the scale are summarized in Underwood, L. (2011) The Daily Spiritual Experience Scale: Overview and Results, Religions 2:1, 29-50. The book, Spiritual Connection in Daily Life, Chapter 5: Research Results, Underwood, L (2013) includes  some additional studies up to that date. An updated set of studies is also found in the audiobook of Spiritual Connection in Daily Life, in the PDF appendix.

A recently published paper (Underwood, L.G.; Vagnini, K.M. The Daily Spiritual Experience Scale: Empirical Relationships to Resiliency-Related Outcomes, Addictions, and Interventions. Religions 2022, 13, 237. link here) includes an overview and description of many studies showing how the DSES is linked to greater resiliency, stress-buffering, sense of meaning, and post-traumatic growth, and less burnout and addictive behaviors.